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Empowering Providers to Put Patients First

As a mental health provider, you're busy!

With seeing clients, completing paperwork (Reports, OTRs, authorizations, etc.), keeping track of your schedule: getting paid for your time isn't always easy.


Dealing with insurance companies, tracking payments received, following up on denials, and sending statements to patients for deductible and co-pay amounts can be stressful; we know!

Full service billing takes the hassle away!

Online claim submission and electronic funds transfer bring payments to you quickly. All data entry is handled promptly and accurately. Reports and statements keep you aware of your practice's finances with minimal work on your part.

We provide customized solutions to meet your needs!

Our team will create customized forms, online databases and websites, and develop solutions tailored to meet the needs of your small practice or group for a fraction of what others charge!

Local Business Manager

Full service billing for psychologists

Call 608-616-0556 for details

Fax 1-888-783-3165

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