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Behavioral Health Billing

Practice Optimization

If you do not already use an online practice manager such as Practice Mate or Simple Practice, we can help you quickly and effectively transition to one of those two programs in order to streamline your billing process.

Calendar Management

We can help you keep your calendar organized and with Simple Practice we can set it up so patients are able to propose visits pending your approval all online.

Claims Submission

Our team has over a decade of experience submitting claims through a variety of methods digital or paper. We are committed to getting your claims submitted and paid promptly and accurately.

Claims Denial Resolution

Sometimes problems arise surrounding payment of claims. Among our staff, we have people who used to work in insurance and who know how to make sure they pay you what you are owed for visits.

Statement Distribution and Management

We will make monthly statements of all outstanding balances from your patients and can send them electronically, via snail mail, or via fax depending on the need.

Customized Solutions

Beyond standard billing issues that arise, we can make personalized strategies for handling any unique problems you may have. Larger billing providers may not have the time or practices in place to address your specific needs, but as a small company, we are devoted to meet your needs however we can. We're here to help you however we can most effectively

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